There are many aspects to boating and water safety, however if you can only take away a few main ideas, here are the key messages that will help you be safe on, in and the water.

Photo Credit: Jenny Gleimius Photography

Photo Credit: Jenny Gleimius Photography


Preparation is the key to prevention.

Know before you go - Being informed is just as important as being prepared. Knowing the risks and open water hazards involved with the activities you take part in may help prevent an incident from occuring.

Trip Plan -  Always make a plan and leave it with a responsible person before you go. If no one knows you are gone, no one will be looking for you.

Bring the essentials - Being prepared also means having the right gear. Use a Pre-Departure Checklist to ensure you have the right equipment with you before you go out on the water.


Photo Credit: Lifeguard Outreach Society

Photo Credit: Lifeguard Outreach Society


It won't work if you don't wear it. 

Check the Label - Carry a Canadian-approved lifejacket for everyone on board.

Check the Condition - Check the zippers, buckles, fabric, seams, etc.

Check the Size - Check that they are properly sized to fit each person on board. 

Check Yourself - Swimmers need to wear lifejackets too.


Photo Credit: Discover Boating

Photo Credit: Discover Boating


It can save your life.

Know What to Do in an Emergency

Know How to Help Someone Drowning

Know the Equipment Needed to Keep You Safe

Know the Rules of the Road - Get Your PCOC



Promote WaterWise in your community! 

Promote - Involve local media, community advertising, social networking, and share with the Lifesaving Society. 

Engage - Get involved! Host an event at your facility for National Drowning Prevention Week.  Participate in our Swim To Survive program. Recruit community leaders and volunteers to promote safety in and around the water.

Share - Show us how you and your school or facility are WaterWise! Participate in our #CaughtYouWearingIt contest, our new #CaughtYouSharingIt contest, highlight success stories, and continue to share your experiences with the Team.