WaterWise Team Reaches 10,977 Students Through Free Presentations

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Nearly 11,000 elementary and middle school students across the province of British Columbia received important boat and water safety education through the WaterWise Wisdom Program this season.

Led by enthusiastic Team Members, Jen Lee & Jenny Gleimius, the WaterWise Team traveled the Lower Mainland, Interior, and Island regions, providing free boat and water safety education to youth. The Team covered topics such as risks of cliff jumping, lifejacket safety, the dangers of boating and drinking, and how to be an advocate for their own safety when in or around the water.  Schools were encouraged to 'Share It!' as students participated in the Team's #CaughtYouSharingIt school contest.  


Lots of user-friendly and age-appropriate water safety tips! Please ensure to keep this an annual presentation as it is extremely relevant for our Okanagan Valley Schools.
— Ms McCall OK Falls Elementary
This is SO relevant and important for our students who are in and around the water regularly. I liked the questions and opportunities for the kids to answer and participate.
— Anonymous Teacher
Enthusiastic, energetic presenters who used informative visuals to engage the students.
— Anonymous Teacher
Presenters both had good energy - friendly and approachable. Powerpoint had good visuals and were kid-friendly!
— Anonymous Teacher